Investor Relations:


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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginning investor we encourage you to look at investing along side D. Scott Ventures LLC.  Every day D. Scott Ventures is pursuing investment options across the U.S., as a result we generate hundreds of funding requests monthly, most funding requests incorporate funding from several different avenues or investors. 

Seeing a need to bring investors together we have created two investment funds. These funds allow those wishing to invest with D. Scott Ventures the ability to invest along side an experienced investment company utilizing our team of experts, our companies brand and marketing and our companies established systems to minimize the risks associated with investing.

The first fund is our “Short Term Fund” which is used for investments in which one can expect a return on your investment with in 1 month to 2 years. Our “Long Term Fund” is used for investments in which one can expect our investment to pay out over time or after 2-5+ years. You are free to add or remove funds daily from these accounts, there are no account maintenance fees, no cost to participate and you can invest any amount you chose in our fund. 

These funds are private funds as for D. Scott Ventures LLC. are private investors, not financial advisors or an investment services company offering services to the general public at large.


Common Investments -

As a company and as a group of investors we invest in a large range of various investments both nationwide and internationally. Some of our most common investments include but are not limited to...

-        Equity Funding

-        Startup

-        Stages 1-4  

-        Business Acquisition/ Franchise Funding

-        Operational/ Growth Funding

-        Secured Loans

-        Real Estate investments both residential and commercial

-        Small Business Start up funding